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A Note from our Founderโ€ฆ

Summer is speeding by and we have been fortunate to be busier than ever, thanks to all of you, our valued clients. We have new and exciting updates on the horizon and are so excited for you to experience some of the upcoming changes, both big and small.
COLOVATยฎ is a labor of love, and it is such a privilege to be able to work with you.

This month, I wanted Gel Polish to be the star of our Newsletter. We hear so much about Gel and the alleged negatives. Summer time seemed as good of a time as any to address some of the questions from you and provide some education on the Gel Manicure, the polish, the application and the removal.
I hope you enjoy and thank you for being part of the COLORVATยฎ community.

With Beauty and Love,

COLORVATยฎ Treatment Spotlight: The Gel Manicure

Gel polish grasps the nail allowing color to withstand daily wear and tear without chipping, when applied properly.

The CrystaLac Gel Manicure is the gold standard in Gel nails. Using an e-file to safely and gently remove polish, nails are groomed to the most complimentary shape for your hand. Whether round, almond, square or oval, we take the shape of your nail very seriously.

This is the canvas for which we apply the art.

CrystaLac Gel Polishes, developed by Crystal Nailsโ€™ engineers and nail technicians bridge the softness of nail polish and the durability of nail gel providing excellence in adhesion and maximum color coverage.

Our 3 STEP system lasts up to 3 weeks and is available in a variety of colors to suit your mood and express your individual style.

Following polish your hands will be lightly massaged with lavender lotion and soothed with a warm towel.

Your dried, long lasting nails will be camera ready for all of the adventures that await you!

COLORVAT ยฎ Topic of the Month: โ€œAre all Gel Manicures Created Equal?โ€

Not at all.

While Gel has been the subject of many nail myths, one subject is often overlooked and that is in the application and removal, as well as the formulation of the Gel Polish used.

Gel polish was an exciting new beauty trend, which over the last decade has been the topic of some scrutiny, largely without factual backing, and the result of negative experiences in salons. Gel is very resistant and an excellent way to have a long lasting, durable manicure and pedicure.

Gel polish, when applied properly, will not chip. That is not a myth. It also will not โ€œpop offโ€ as has been the case in past experiences for some of our clients. There is an art to Gel application which differs from traditional non-gel polish application. When done incorrectly, the lifespan of the Gel Manicure is limited. Gel should grow out seamlessly with the natural growth of your nail.

Removal is very important for the short and long term health of your nail. Gel should never be picked off of the nail, as the bonds adhere to the fibers of the nail and can tear. This is what will cause nail damage, not Gel on the nail itself. Gels should not be roughly filed and should be removed with the direction of the nail most preferably by an e-file.

Formulation varies, and not all Gel Polishes are created equal. Our polish contains Vitamin A, an anti-oxidant essential for healthy nails, as well as skin, hair and bone health. Crystal Nails Gel Polish also contains Vitamin E proven to heal and strengthen nails and prevent nail damage. This formulation affords a treatment for your nails while you wear your polish.

For the long term health of your nails it is of utmost importance that you see an experienced Technicians for your Gel services.


Four times a year we receive gorgeous new colors and this week we have the most beautiful Summer selections on hand for you to choose! Right now our favorite trend is playing with shapes. We are loving traditional single colored nails in bright colors with pops of surprise on other nails using geometric designs with black and white. Minimalist designs using negative space with chrome accents on bright colored nails are also what we call on for a fabulous summer look! Donโ€™t forget bold lines mixed with delicate accents to express your personal style. Make sure to follow us on IG @colorvat to see what we are creating!


Ask Monika

So many myths float around about Gel nails. The Summer months leave many opportunities to show off your beautifully polished fingers and toes. The question of if using gel polish helps or hurts the nail seems to come up most frequently this time of year. I hope this monthโ€™s Q&A answers some of your questions and debunks some myths.

Q. Does Gel Nail Polish damage the nail?
A: Nails do not breathe, even though many people say they do. Very often, I am told that Gel Polish will not allow the nail to breathe. This is impossible. Nails live from blood vessels at the base of the nail and are made of protein and keratin. Strength in the nail starts from the cuticle bed. Gel Polish will not suffocate or weaken your nails when applied correctly.

Q: Does Gel Nail Polish Removal Damage your nail?
A: When done correctly, no. Picking at gel or lifting it without proper care will cause damage. However, removal done by e-drill insures safe removal with no damage to the fibers.

Q: Is Gel Nail application just like regular polish application?
A: No, Gel nails are more complicated to master. Beware of at-home kits that promise salon results. Gel nails are more difficult to apply and require LED light to set the polish.

We look forward to seeing you at your next appointment. Please also note, that as our community grows, for your benefit, we have changed our cancellation policy to 24 hours in advance.

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