Hand Treatment

Compact Gel Nail Hardening

A new generation of base gel and nail strengthener Our new 2 in 1 compact base gel is a soak-off, flexible and super dense nail strengthener. Enhances the durability of the nails as nail strengthener. (30 minutes)

Gel Removal

To keep your nails healthy proper gel removal from a professional nail tech is required. Gel Polish does NOT damage the nails. Unprofessional gel Removal can damage the nails. Let us help you keep your nails healthy again. (25 minutes)

Crystalac Gel Manicure

Gentle E-file -shape- color- lotion ( 2 Design) Price not includes any previous gel removal from other salon (60 minutes)

One Step Easy Manicure

One Step Easy Manicures perfect for someone who has no time for regular polish to dry and like long lasting color. Easy to remove at home or in our salon. No more than 2 min soaking time. No base or Top Coat required. 
Time : 30 minutes 

Anti Age Luxury Treatment For Hand

Reduces formation of wrinkles, regeneration of skin, protection against loss of moisture, promotes skin renewal process, provides soothing effect, stabilization of the skin’s barrier, 100% free of parabens, silicone and mineral oil, suitable for all skin types, 100% gluten free.
Add to your regular manicure for younger looking hands.
This service combined with Studio Skin Expert. (30 minutes)

Prices include service tax.