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A Note from our Founder…

To our valued clients, welcome to COLORVAT’s® first Newsletter designed with your needs in mind. As a valued member of the COLORVAT® community, I felt it is important to share what is new on the second floor of 223 West 79th Street; as we have been very busy.

My passion for nail care? My knowledge and my love of our community drives me to work with you and as we grow, a platform to share information seemed not just an option, but a necessity.
Thank you again for being part of our growth. We hope that you find all of our information and events relevant and enjoyable to you.

With Beauty and Love,

COLORVAT® Treatment Spotlight: 
Red Wine Anti-Aging Pedicure

Current excessive humidity combined with recovery from a long winter may result in tired, stressed and strained legs and feet. The treatment you need to rejuvenate and heal is here exclusively at COLORVAT®. Red Wine, (while decadent), is also a miracle for stabilizing collagen and maintaining elasticity when applied topically.

Not at all your “usual salon pedicure” this treatment (high in Flavonoids) will help to improve your circulation, resulting in brighter skin. Horse chestnut is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, helping with tone and flow of the skin. Allantoin heals damaged tissue aiding in the extensive removal of stubborn callouses and grape leaves assist with swelling.

Customized to your specific needs, our products are applied to the top of your knees to the tips of your toes using customized massage and gentle brushing between delightful soaks in our disposably lined footbaths for your sanitary and safety allowing for a worry free treatment. Your nails will be shaped and polished with gel or regular polish to the perfection you desire.

We recommend this treatment seasonally between appointments for polish changes. 90 minutes priced at $130.00 (July Promo only $80.00) will save you bi-weekly visits to the $20 local nail salon.

Trust me, your feet will thank you.

Latest Review About Red Wine Anti-Aging Pedicure

COLORVAT ® Topic of the Month:
“The $20.00 pedicure”

It is inevitable to be mentioned, and I thought it to be very important to address pedicure pricing. With nail services on every block in this city, many advertisings “deals” of $20.00 pedicures, it seemed that I would be doing a disservice by not addressing the price differential. I will not generalize in this series, and I will not make false claims, but I will address the facts within the price discrepancies in this month long series.

I would like to discuss sanitation in this newsletter. Proper sanitation is of utmost importance to my business. I practice with the logic that proper sanitation is for your protection, and mine. Specific to pedicures, our foot baths are lined with disposable liners for your protection. Those liners are immediately thrown away at the conclusion of your service. Did you know that some salons re-use the liners? Thereby giving clients the impression that they are practicing safe hygiene, while actually creating a worse environment for bacteria to breed.

Those cute paper slippers and toe separators that we use when we are applying polish…did you know some salons re-use those too?
The fact is that proper sanitation is costly. Using disposable equipment is expensive. A necessary expense in my book, but expensive none the less. When done properly, disposable equipment adds up and is factored in to pricing. My rationale is long term I am saving my clients from sometimes debilitating, often painful potential infection and I take that very seriously.
I do not wish to scare you, but I wish to educate you and alert you to please be mindful.

On Trend at COLORVAT ®

On a lighter note, let’s discuss summer trends for your fingers and toes! Right now, we are loving simple and chic nail designs using negative space with a stroke of bold color. Neon is huge and a simple way to beat the blues on these rainy days. Whether done with negative space or going full on neon on every inch of your nails, if you are brave enough, neon is a fun way to liven up your look. Add a unique touch of you on your every present accessory with a jewel on a nude polish to give your look a little lift. Make sure to follow us on IG @colorvat to see what we are creating!

Ask Monika

So many myths float around about nails, that it seemed fitting to use this newsletter to answer questions and make clarifications. Since this issue is full of pedicure information, I thought I would take this opportunity to give you some answers. Please continue to ask me questions at your appointments, as I love to educate!

Q: Do all pedicure salons use sterile instruments?
A: Unfortunately, this is not the case with all nail salons posing a risk to clients of the exposure to and spreading of germs that can lead to nail fungus and bacterial infection.
Q: Is it safe to soak your feet in a tub at a nail salon?
A: Yes and no. Antiseptic used to clean the tub between clients does not guarantee to catch every germ. In addition to a sanitized tub, a disposable liner adds additional protection, when used once on one client and then promptly disposed of.
Q: Is cutting your toe nail straight across the “right” way to trim toenails?
A: Cutting the toenail straight across or too short can lead to ingrown toenails. Ingrown toenails can lead to infection or an abscess.

We do hope you enjoyed reading our first ever newsletter and look forward to seeing you at your next appointment. For booking, please visit www.colorvat.com, call us at 646-661-5277 or email us at info@colorvat.com.