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January 2020

A Note from our Founder…

Welcome to 2020 at COLORVAT®

A New Year that we hope is your best year yet! A New Year calls for new nail colors. Make sure to check them out!

As January flies by we thought a perfect way to kick off the year would be with some healthy nail care tips. We are hard on our hands and long-term health is important. I wanted to address how to prevent nail deterioration and imperfections, and what to do for treatment.

With Love and Beauty,

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Nail fungus, not a glamorous topic, more so, not a glamorous condition.
Visiting a clean and licensed nail salon where technicians use sterilized or single-use instruments is the first active step you can take in prevention.

Maintaining Gel Nails:

  • Do not pick or try to remove the gel for your own
  • Do not trim nails with a clipper – this can cause the gel to lift from the nail
  • Do not lift heavy items with your fingers if you have long nails
  • Use cuticle oil daily. However, skip cuticle oil the day of your gel manicure appointment
  • Clean your hand properly especially under your nails with small brush and soap
  • If you have any lifting call us for an appointment to fix that nail to prevent bacteria from entering the nail

Every 2-4 weeks clients will need to come in to have gel nails maintained.
Most gel clients can easily go 3-4 weeks between fills. However, it can be beneficial to start out with 2-week intervals until we see how you adapt to the gel nail.

As time progresses the intervals can be extended to 3 or 4 weeks. The key is consistency and regularly scheduled appointments. Nails should be filled before they start to show signs of distress, such as breaks, cracks or lifts.
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